Politicians antics: little hope for the future

Watching the antics of 'our politicians' both local and national does not give me much hope for the future or wellbeing of us 'the ordinary people', whether you be young or old.

Tuesday, 21st March 2017, 9:24 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:02 am

We watch as the political establishment and their masters, the wealthy elite, try to thwart the will of the British people and their vote to leave another corrupt system run by its own political elite, including dynasties like the Kinnocks, so-called “socialists” from the Labour Party.

We have a crisis in the only good thing ever given to the people, the NHS.

We have a crisis in elderly care, those who endured wars, worked hard, paid taxes and National Insurance the whole of their working lives.

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We have a crisis in youth training, further education colleges working with too few employers unable to provide proper engineering training to enhance too few engineering apprenticeships. When leaving Europe must mean we have to resuscitate high value high skill technology manufacturing.

I watched the news recently about a young single mother, who gave birth to a disabled son.

She went on to gain a degree and teach English.

However, because her council (not Sunderland) has decided to completely disregard its statutory duty and help with her disabled son’s travel to school, it is costing his mother £500 per month for his transport to school costs.

The situation is so bad that it has become unsustainable both financially and practically, so much so that she has had to hand in her resignation – absolutely appalling.

Now to the point, we never hear in these times of financial constraints on local government budgets any of our local councillors or leaders offering to take cuts to their allowances, unless they have and said nothing?

We also know that IPSA, the Parliamentary watchdog, the people who oversee the expenses etc of our MPs, has stated “as from 2019/20 (next Parliament) that new MPs will not be allowed to employ their spouses or family members, paying them tens of thousands of pounds” – for what you may ask?

Apparently about 155 MPs do so, including some of our local MPs.

Me thinks the Oxford dictionary meaning of “Public Servant” definitely needs to be given a 21st century upgrade.

Eric Reed