Whitburn Lodge fire: Blaze leads to fresh concerns over future of empty pub

A fire at an empty landmark pub has lead to fresh concerns over its future.

By Ross Robertson
Saturday, 25 May, 2019, 16:31
Whitburn Lodge this morning, after a fire broke out on Friday night.

The cause of the fire has not yet been confirmed.

The building has stood empty for a number of years, after closing its doors to pub customers back in 2012.

The Whitburn Neighbourhood Forum hosted a workshop in February to gather ideas on what should happen with the site. But the pub remains boarded up and empty.

Fresh concerns over its future were aired on our Facebook page after the fire on Friday night.

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Whitburn Lodge this morning, after a fire broke out on Friday night.

Danielle Currer said: "This pub needs to be made more secure, there are a lot of kids hanging about it with the warmer weather and someone could be seriously hurt."

Kayleigh Jane said: "It’s getting serious not just for people’s safety, but the welfare of the horses stables behind it. Pull it down or do something with it."

Paul Wann said "(It) was inevitable, either deliberate or not ."

Rachel Robinson said: "Nicole Coonan - this is the one we always say would be a nice pub

Nicole Coonan replied "Rachel Robinson - it really would be if someone just took it over and restored it. I can imagine it being a proper pub vibe back in the day. It’s a shame."

Paul Watson said: "I only passed it this afternoon very sad someone should of buy it. It would have been a nice restaurant."