Traffic-calming measures installed at busy Sunderland junction in Ashbrooke

New traffic-calming measures are being installed to reduce speeding and improve safety at a busy road junction.

Friday, 27th May 2022, 4:43 pm

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After much campaigning by residents and councillors, road humps in the form of speed cushions have been installed on the Tunstall Vale junction with Ashbrooke Road in Ashbrooke.

There have been a number of accidents at the junction which is on the brow of a hill, leading to councillors liaising with Highways Officers on limiting the dangers to the public. As part of the safety improvements, new road signs will also alert drivers to parked cars, with both sides of the road used for resident parking.

St Michael’s ward councillor Peter Wood said: “This area of the road has been a major concern for residents and councillors alike, with (fellow councillor) Michael Dixon and myself having pressed the council for action.

Ashbrooke speed awareness scheme. From left councillors Peter Wood and Michael Dixon.

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"Some drivers travel far too fast, there have been incidents and it was good news when funding was finally agreed for this project some months ago. Subsequently we have both worked closely with council officers with several meetings, to ensure the scheme reached its conclusion. There will be two speed cushions close to the Ashbrooke Road junction and three on Tunstall Vale.”

Cllr Wood added: “In addition to these installations there is a proposed new parking arrangement further down Tunstall Vale opposite the houses, along with a new road sign on the bank heading down, to give due warning of vehicles parking on both sides of the road. Once implemented this should, along with the speed cushions, result in traffic travelling at a much reduced speed on this busy stretch of road.”

Cllr Michael Dixon said: “The East Area Committee, of which I am vice-chair, works well as a body and includes five wards including our own. We have tried to support each other when councillors bring a ward problem to the meetings.

"This happened here, Peter Wood and myself highlighted the issue in St Michael’s, argued it was time for some action and funding for the speed cushions was agreed. We have also added some of our allocated budget towards some changes to nearby parking to assist drivers turning right out of Ashbrooke Road.”