This is how much it costs to get married in the North East

Weddings can be an expensive occasion - but the price can vary depending on where you choose to get wed. This is how much it costs if you opt to get married in the North East.
Weddings can be expensive eventsWeddings can be expensive events
Weddings can be expensive events

New research analysed data from 16 sectors across the wedding industry, including wedding hair stylists, wedding planners, ceremony and reception venues and catering, to reveal the cheapest and most expensive regions in the UK to get married in.

Wales topped the list as the cheapest region for weddings, with an average total spend of £11,926.

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The East of England ranked second in the list, with an average total spend of £12,625 and Yorkshire and Humber claimed the third cheapest with an average spend of £13,651.

The most expensive area in the UK to hold a wedding is the East Midlands, with a total spend of £22,180.

The North East came further down the list, ranking as one of the more pricer places to get married, with an average total cost of £17,010.

Regions in order of cheapest to most expensive, with the average total price:

1 Wales - £11,926

2 East of England - £12,625

3 Yorkshire and Humber - £13,651

4 Northern Ireland - £13,772

5 South East - £13,821

6 North West - £13,957

7 Scotland - £15,522

8 South West - £16,600

9 North East - £17,010

10 London - £17,480

11 West Midlands - £18,866

12 East Midlands - £22,180

The research, carried out by, also found that the highest supplier cost of a wedding in the UK is the catering, which costs on average £6,567.