"There's no respect" - Mum of Sheldon Farnell left 'angry and upset' after finding her son's grave damaged

The mum of Sheldon Farnell who tragically died of sepsis in 2018, says her family ‘feel hurt’ after she found his grave ‘a complete mess’ and covered in grass.

Thursday, 5th May 2022, 4:21 pm

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Katrina Farnell, who visits her son’s grave every day, said she discovered that Sheldon’s lights around his grave were left ‘in pieces’, his flower arrangement was found scattered across the grass and his windmill along with other sentimental ornaments were broken.

Sheldon was never given antibiotics and had left the hospital before vital blood tests results confirmed he had the life-threatening condition.

Sheldon's grave was left 'a complete mess' says his mum Katrina.

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An inquest in 2021 heard how medics had been unable to contact the Houghton lad’s family on three outdated numbers they had on file.

On the morning of Monday, November 26, 2018 Sheldon’s condition worsened and he tragically died in hospital.

Following his death, a service was carried out at St Michael and All Angels’ Church, in Houghton and he was laid to rest at Houghton Cemetery on Hetton Road.

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Mum Katrina says Sheldon's decorations were left spread out across the grass.

His Mum Katrina says her family are ‘disgusted’ with how his grave was left on April 21 after workers had allegedly been to cut the grass.

She said: “His lights and other sentimental things were damaged and it’s just not right, there was a mess left around Sheldon’s and other children’s graves – it’s just so disrespectful.

“I visit him daily so it was hurtful to see the state it was left, there were chunks taken out his windmill and decorations were left in bits. The children’s graves should have been treated with more care, there’s just no respect.”

The mum says he hopes Council teams will take more careful around the graves at the Cemetery in future.

Sheldon and devoted mum Katrina Farnell.

She added: “We had to clear everything up, it made me so upset and I just hope that the Council take more care next time.”

A spokesperson for Sunderland City Council said: “We are really sorry to learn of this issue and take any concerns regarding cemeteries very seriously.

“We are contacting the family to understand more about this incident.”

Sheldon's and other children's graves were left in 'a state'.
Sheldon's lights were left damaged around his grave.