Testimony: The Body on Seaham Beach - a new true crime podcast

On 13th May 2006 a man walking on the beach in Seaham, six miles south of Sunderland, made a grizzly discovery. He called the police and set in train a series of events that have yet to be resolved.

By Gary Oliver
Friday, 6th May 2022, 3:52 pm
Updated Tuesday, 10th May 2022, 1:50 pm

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Testimony: The Body on Seaham Beach is a two-part podcast which explores the events that took place following the discovery of human remains on the Featherbed Rocks.

Fiona Thompson, who covered the story as a reporter for the Sunderland Echo at the time, takes listeners through the actions of police and others in the weeks, months and years that followed, in the exhaustive attempt to identify these remains.

Testimony: The Body on Seaham Beach features interviews with key people and agencies involved in the case.

Testimony: The Body On Seaham Beach.

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As well as the specifics of this case, the podcast also sheds light on how missing people cases and unidentified remains are treated by the authorities and investigators.

Testimony: The Body on Seaham Beach highlights the ongoing search for answers and asks whether someone out there may hold the key to solving this case.

Retired Detective Sergeant Cliff Down was the lead police officer on the case and shares his memories about the only case he ever worked on not to reach a conclusion. Coroner’s Officer Neville Dickson also features and explains how this particular case was so unusual.

Other contributors from the National Missing Persons Unit and Durham Heritage Coast, as well as scientists and academics, come together on the podcast to tackle the identification of this individual in the hope of finally giving a grieving family somewhere some answers.

Testimony is a Laudable production for the Sunderland Echo and NationalWorld coming soon to all podcast platforms. It is presented and produced by Kelly Crichton.

Apple trailer link: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/testimony-the-body-on-seaham-beach-trailer/id1543679400?i=1000559665298

Spotify trailer link: https://open.spotify.com/episode/59IHvDo8YRmDY4lY1LknCp?si=X276MGubSl2SswIX1aQ9xw