Sunderland Echo readers want to see drivers banned from parking on the pavement

Sunderland Echo readers want to see a ban on careless drivers parking on pavements.
Echo readers want to see a ban on pavement parkingEcho readers want to see a ban on pavement parking
Echo readers want to see a ban on pavement parking

We asked you ‘Should motorists be banned from parking on pavements?’ in our on-line poll.

More than 2,000 people voted on our Facebook page, with 57 per cent saying they backed the plan.

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Ann Smith said: “I live in Fulwell. We have to mount pavements for other cars and emergency services to get past and school traffic.”

Paul Hutchinson argued it would be ‘Far easier to just ban double buggies.’

“They are the scourge of pavement and supermarkets and menace of markets everywhere,” he said.“Invest in a double decka buggy people.”

Louise Collingwood was concerned about emergency access: “Good luck getting traffic through or emergency services if nobody can park half on curbs in some streets or estates.

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“As long as there is enough room for pedestrians etc to get past then I don’t see the issue - where I live I can park half on curb and still leave room for pushchair etc.”

Christopher Welsh argued: “There will be exceptions, but in most places it’s possible to have two wheels on a path and still leave room for a buggy, sadly so many don’t, and some don’t even leave room for a pedestrian!

“Obstructing a path should be illegal, but it is usually possible to leave safe space on the road, and leave room for a buggy on the path!”

Benjamin Taylor wrote: “If you live in older housing, like Southwick or Millfield, you have no option but to have one wheel on the kerb,” while Danny Young said: “Estate roads are not made for double parking especially with buses trying to get through.”Ursula Hindmarch Godfrey said: “Most streets you have to park on the pavement. Otherwise other traffic and emergency services wouldn't get through.

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“The estate streets were built before there was so much traffic so can't cope. You also have work vans taking up parking places. Companies should keep vans overnight and not expect them to be parked overnight in residential areas.”