Son's heartbreak as Sunderland dad dies suddenly hours after suspected Motor Neurone Disease diagnosis

A grieving son has paid tribute to his a ‘caring’ father who died in hospital just hours after doctors discovered he had suspected Motor Neurone Disease.

Monday, 3rd February 2020, 6:32 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th February 2020, 7:27 pm
Michael Wilson died suddenly on Saturday, February 1.
Michael Wilson died suddenly on Saturday, February 1.

Michael Wilson, of Sunderland, died suddenly and unexpectedly just hours after his son, Anthony Potter, rushed him into hospital on Saturday, February 1.

Over the past year, Michael slowly began to lose weight and struggled to walk but wouldn’t go to the doctors over fear he would be told he had an incurable disease, says his devoted son.

The 53-year-old was a full-time carer for his elderly mother, Irene Wilson, despite being diagnosed with arthritis in his neck last year.

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Michael Wilson with son Anthony Potter

On Saturday, Anthony received a call from his 84-year-old Nana when Michael’s condition worsened at her Plains Farm home.

The 20-year-old left work, called an ambulance and Michael was rushed into hospital.

Anthony says doctors told him they were almost certain his dad had Motor Neurone Disease – an incurable condition that affects the brain and nerves.

Now Anthony is raising funds to give his dad the send off he deserves and help support his family during the darkest of times.

Michael Wilson with his brother John Wilson (left) and son Anthony Potter when he was younger.

Anthony, of Farringdon, said: “He was a quiet bloke. He kept himself to himself but he was a really caring person.

“He didn’t really ask for much from anyone and he always tried to do everything himself.

“We were asking him to go to the hospital. He was too scared to get told something like that. He use to say “I hope they don’t tell me I’ve got a horrible disease – it’s almost like he knew.”

Just hours after a Go Fund Me page was set up more than £150 has been donated.

Anthony, who works at Halford’s in Sunderland, wrote: “Over a year ago he started losing a little weight and started to get worse. It came to the point where he was struggling to walk and care for his 84-year-old mother and me.

“He tried his best over the year to do so, not knowing what he had. He was scared to go to the hospital or doctors in case they told him he had a disease that had no cure.

“We tried getting him help but he never accepted it we just thought it was the stress of being a carer 24/7. I was non the wiser.”

On Saturday night doctors gave Anthony the heartbreaking news that his father’s condition was fatal and they suspected he had Motor Neurone Disease.

He added: “Unfortunately there was nothing they could do for him which left me speechless and unprepared as I thought it was nothing serious.

“I never normally ask for any help but I've realised that I need as much help as I can at this moment - to help give him a send off he deserves and help me and his mother out a little.”

Anthony has thanked his partner, Olivia Wood, close friend, Sam Malkin, and uncle John Wilson who are supporting him through the most difficult time.

To donate to the Go Fund Me page click here.