Readers praise dad who delivered his own baby at home with one hand

Locals have praised a dad who delivered his own baby at home using just one hand as his other was in a cast.

Wednesday, 12th February 2020, 4:46 pm
Updated Thursday, 13th February 2020, 8:12 pm

Sunderland mum Jade Brown gave birth on the sofa at home with the help from new dad Rhys whose arm was in plaster after he had broke his thumb in three places when he fell backwards playing five-a-side football.

Now, back at home in the city, Rhys spoke of how he managed to juggle the baby, his phone and towels during the birth.

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Rhys' left arm was in a huge plaster cast because he had broke his thumb in three places the week before. Photo: Alex Cousins SWNS

After reading the story, Sunderland residents shared messages of praise and congratulations for Rhys on social media.

This is what you said to the new parents.

David Walker said: “Congratulations Rhys! A role model for fathers to be out there!”

Rhys Norman commented: “Well Done.”

Dad Rhys Darby, 28, delivered his daughter Ariana, at home using just his right hand, while his left was in a cast. Photo: Alex Cousins SWNS

Kassi Thompson shared a message to Jade saying: "So proud of you. Absolute hero with no pain relief at home and well done Rhys.”

Tricia Duffy said: “Well done Rhys and Jade Brown.”

Kimberley Morrison added: “Congratulations to you both.”

Ann Mason commented: “Well done dad” and Maureen Watson said: “well done daddy.”

Rhys caught Ariana in one had - despite also juggling towels and a phone. Photo: Alex Cousins SWNS

Sam Patterson said “Congratulations!”

Friend of Rhys, Adam Fairless said: “I’ve got another mate story now one handed delivering babies.”

Hank Witherspoon added: “Well done the dad" and Stewart Carr and Scott Walker both said: “well done.”