Over 4,000 EU citizens opt to stay in Sunderland

More than 4,000 EU nationals have been granted permission to call Sunderland their home, new figures show.
EU citizens opt to stay.EU citizens opt to stay.
EU citizens opt to stay.

Home Office data shows 4,280 EU citizens had successfully applied to continue living in the city by June 30 – the deadline for new applications post-Brexit.

The EU Settlement Scheme, launched in March 2019, aims to regulate the immigration status of European citizens living in the UK.

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The figures show a total of 4,500 applications were dealt with in Sunderland – with 2,170 people granted settled status and 2,110 pre-settled status.

Around ​220 applications were either refused, withdrawn, or invalid.

The highest number of applications received came from Polish (1,230), Romanian (200) and Greek (460) nationals.

EU citizens with limited reasonable grounds for missing the June deadline can still apply.

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Those who have lived in the UK for five years can receive settled status and remain in the country indefinitely while those who have lived in the country for less time can receive pre-settled status, which allows them to remain for a further five years and then apply for settled status.

The3Million, which campaigns for EU citizens' rights, says it is has concerns for the half a million people nationally still awaiting a decision.

A spokesman said: "This backlog is unlikely to be cleared anytime soon and the scheme will also receive new applications from people who missed the deadline.”

Kevin Foster, minister for future borders and immigration, said: "We continue to work as quickly as possible to conclude applications, as well as supporting people with their late applications.”

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