Meet 101 year old Elsie Proud who spent years milking cows on her family farm

A hard-working woman who spent years milking cows on the family farm has celebrated her 101st birthday.

Monday, 17th June 2019, 05:00 am
Updated Monday, 17th June 2019, 10:28 am

Elsie Proud raised a glass of the white stuff as she toasted the milestone with her friends at Donwell House Care Home in Washington.

The much-loved resident, who has been at the home since September 2014, was well-known in the community as her family ran Glebe Farm, in Washington.

Elsie Proud celebrates her 101st birthday with a glass of milk for memories from when she used to milk the cows on her family farm

As a young girl, Elsie took over the family dairy business and would spend her days milking the cows and delivering the milk around Washington with dad Bob Proud.

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Elsie never married but she was an aunt and loved children, serving as a Brown Owl in the Brownies, where she eventually rose to the rank of District Commissioner.

Elsie’s work in the Washington community also extended beyond the Brownies, as she was also a leading light of the WI.

To this day, she still remembers her work on the farm and the best way to milk a cow.

Elsie Proud celebrates her 101st birthday with Donwell House Care Home residents and staff

She said: “You just squeezed the teats.

“You don’t dig nails in, I never had long nails.

“It was hard work if the cow happened to be a kicker - as their feet had hooves on and you would have to sit part under the cow when milking.”

She continued: “I used to deliver the milk.

“Each farm had a milk round, it wasn’t a case of just milking the cows.

“My mother used to milk when we were busy with the harvest.

“She just did the one that she knew and the cow knew her.

“We each had our own cow that we were used to, but sometimes I used to have to milk them all when it was hay time.

“You don’t just cut the hay, you have to work it.

“I don’t suppose people do much milking now.

“We had one machine but the men used it.”

On her secret to a long and happy life, Elsie said: “I have always been an outside person.

“I never stayed at home, I never had to.”