It's International Dog Day - so let's celebrate some pets from across the North East.

International Dog Day: Celebrating International Dog Day in the North East with your family's adorable dog pictures

Families across the North East and beyond have a special place in their heart (and home) for a four-legged friend with a wagging tail.

For International Dog Day (Friday, August 26) we’re putting the spotlight on your beloved family pets to celebrate all of the happiness those perfect pooches bring to your life.

Founded in 2004, the awareness day celebrates dogs of all breeds and shines a light on those across the globe who still need to be adopted or re-homed.

Ahead of International Dog Day’s arrival this weekend, we called on North East families to share their own photographs and messages in honour of their animals.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate how much happiness, love and warmth pets bring into our homes.

Thank you to everyone who contributed a photo – we’re just sorry we can’t share them all!

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