Inspirational six-year-old used his tooth fairy money to buy drinks and food for homeless people

Heartbroken at the thought people don’t have a home, one inspirational Sunderland six-year-old used his ‘tooth fairy money’ to buy food and drinks for homeless people.

Tuesday, 28th January 2020, 3:00 pm
Sam Rigg.

Sam Rigg visited Newcastle with his parents Donna and Peter and little brother Louie in the run up to Christmas to see Fenwick’s window but after seeing people sleeping rough he decided he needed to do something.

The Fulwell Infant School’s pupil used money he’d received from the tooth fairy to buy food and drink for homeless people.

But the touching act of kindness wasn’t enough to fulfil Sam’s need to help others and instead he’s embarked on a 26-mile fundraising challenge to raise money for homeless charity, Shelter.

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Sam Rigg has been running two miles a day.

Sam’s proud mum, Donna Rigg, said: “What he saw really got to him and he kept asking about them.

“The Christmas markets were on and we were asking if he wanted to go on the helter skelter but he just kept talking about these people who didn’t have a home.

“He had just lost his first tooth so had got some money and he wanted to give it to them. I said he’d be better off buying them food and drink so he bought stuff for three or four people and handed it out.

“Afterwards he kept talking about it and asked if we could give them more money. I told him the best way to do something is to raise money for charity.”

So in the New Year the mother and son duo embarked on a challenge to run a marathon two miles at a time – with their last run taking place on Saturday, January 25.

Donna, who works as a teacher, set up a Go Fund Me page with an initial target of just £200 – but more than £525 has been donated.

“Sam is a sensitive little boy,” said Donna, 38. “He’s a big thinker and I don’t think he could understand how anyone couldn’t have a home.

“I think he think’s he can fix everything, he’s still at that age where he believes he can. I wanted to show him that he can make a difference if he wants to.”

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