Dad stuck on 'nightmare holiday' after coach trip dumps him in hotel miles from city centre and misses out tourist landmarks

A Sunderland dad says he is "stuck in a nightmare" after a historical holiday trip left him in a hotel miles from his original destination.

Saturday, 19th October 2019, 9:00 am
Eddie Price from Sunderland who has said he is trapped on a 'nightmare' coach trip which is stopping at different locations than where he booked to visit
Eddie Price from Sunderland who has said he is trapped on a 'nightmare' coach trip which is stopping at different locations than where he booked to visit

Eddie Price paid £1,300 for a 12-night break taking in the historical sites of the Second World War and the Holocaust.

Booked through Leger Holidays, the coach trip includes stops in Amsterdam, Berlin and Kraków - but just four days in, Eddie says he is "living in a nightmare" due to "major" itinerary changes which he says were not communicated to customers.

These include missing planned attractions, such as the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, without any explanation and original hotel choices being changed.

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Eddie on a previous holiday. He said he has travelled with Ledger holidays a number of times in the past and never experienced the poor service he has on this trip.

Upon arrival in Berlin, Eddie told the Echo he was placed in a hotel miles from the city centre, and miles away from his paid-for choice which was in the heart of the capital's hustle and bustle.

It has no internet service, he added, which has left him unable to regularly contact his wife and daughter.

The 61-year-old, of Leechmere, said: "These are not minor changes, they are major changes so there should have been steps taken to tell people about what's going on.

"If I had known, I wouldn't have come."

Since encountering problems, Eddie said he has been in contact with Leger - but added that they have failed to offer him any sort of solution for his change of hotel or missed tourism stops, saying that itineraries and plans can be subject to change.

He has been a frequent customer of the firm in the past, he added, and has spent "thousands" on other trips with them - including two planned in 2020, for which he has already paid deposits.

"The tour I have come to see I am not on," Eddie continued.

"They have got my money and now they are not bothered. They had plenty of time to inform me of major changes and they didn't. I wasn't given the right to cancel, and now I am trapped."

A spokesperson for Leger Holidays told the Echo that conversations with Eddie were "ongoing" to resolve the issue, and ensure he can enjoy the rest of his holiday.

They said: "As a company we have, as per our normal procedure, been speaking directly to our customer whilst on tour with us, to pro-actively assist our guest in resolving his complaint, and to try to ensure that the remainder of our customers tour meets his expectations.

"Naturally we are very sorry for any upset which has been caused to our mutual guest."

Eddie said that the firm has said it can arrange to transport him home prior to his original return date - but that he must foot the bill himself. In the meantime, his wife is attempting to look at alternative travel arrangements from the couple's home in Sunderland.