Crowtree, Maws Pies and the Roker Roar! 19 things you only know if you're from Sunderland

Anyone for a Maws pie and a pink slice, perhaps bought with some Joplings money?

Friday, 25th June 2021, 4:55 am

We’ve been asking Echo readers to share that one thing people would only know if they’re from Sunderland or live on Wearside. And wow, the responses!

Hundreds of you got in touch to share your fond childhood memories, reminisce on shopping trips to town and shout out some local lingo.

From sticky carpets to much-loved delicacies, here are 19 things you would only know if you’re from Sunderland.

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Echo readers have been sharing the things you only know if you're from Sunderland, or have lived there.
Echo readers have been sharing the things you only know if you're from Sunderland, or have lived there.

1973 – one year to top them all

Lucy Robinson said: “1973! The celebration bus coming through the town - we were at the top of Humbledon Hill.”

The Baker’s Oven – last stop before home

Did you ever see anything sweeter than a pink slice?

When you know the night out has been a good one ...

Cheesy chips – food of the gods

See above!

Crowtree Leisure Centre

A Sunderland Echo Chipper Club Party at Crowtree Leisure Centre in 1992. Were you a member?

Learning to swim, weekend trips with friends and ice skating days.

Curry battered buns – the snack of dreams

Dave the Rave – local legend

Who remembers the Joplings money? Picture: Sunderland Antiquarian Society.

Sunderland just wouldn’t be the same without Dave Common, known across Wearside for his love of raving!

The Echo’s Chipper Club – happy times for Chipsters everywhere

Shout out to the people who’ve still got their badge and membership card.

Fish lots for supper – a Friday night treat

With scraps and salt ‘n’ vinegar, please.

Jacky White’s – off to market

Meeting friends on a Saturday, getting weighed in the big chair (or previously, the brass scales).

Joplings money – hey big spender

There was something so magical about the Sunderland store with its own currency – have you still got a coin or two stowed away?

Maws pies – of course, with mushy peas!

What many of you wouldn’t give to have another one of these.

Nights out at Annabel's and Finos

The venues may be gone, but the memories will live on!

The Old 29 and the texture of its carpet – RIP our shoes

Some called it claggy, some called it crunchy – but we’re all agreed that everyone can remember that carpet.

Some have a family favourite recipe, others are still trying to perfect their own! And some of us just give in and buy one ready-made. Get ready for the sugar rush!

How to pronounce ‘Penshaw Monument’

As Valerie Metcalf said on our Facebook page: “It is ‘Pensher’ Monument speech-wise, not Penshaw.”

The Roker roar – heard from miles around

Julie Iley remembered: “The Roker roar on a match day, whenever they scored, we could hear it all the way up at Carley Square when I was little.” There was nothing like it!

Seeing Santy at Joplings

A Christmas highlight, along with seeing the lights!

Six in a row

Never. Forget.

The smell of Vaux – whether you loved or loathed it

Alison Palmer-Burns was one of many remembering that nostalgic aroma. She said: “The smell of the hops when the wind blew in the right direction.”

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