Things we use to do in the summer holidays in Sunderland

Crowtree, 'kerby' and downright daftness: 11 things we did in the summer holidays

Eeeee! Young ‘uns today ... used to make our own fun … fresh air … etc.

Parents still utter these cliches during school holidays and people my age bemoan youngsters spending their time playing computer games. Fair point. It isn’t healthy.

The big game currently is Fortnite. I know nothing about it and have no intention of learning; although I notice it’s spelt wrong.

However, that’s exactly what out-of-touch people said about the Beatles in 1963, so let’s not be too precious. Furthermore, some kid won $3million recently playing Fortnite. No amount of skill with a hoop-and-stick will ever be similarly rewarded.

Also, we were regularly admonished for watching too much television. I don’t think we did. Contrary to popular belief, telly was mainly rubbish then too.

Kids still do many of the same things we did. It’s worth remembering too that health and safety bans on activities like conkers and climbing trees - are a complete myth.

So what, if anything, did now-decrepit people like myself do during school holidays that youngsters today don’t?

Here are nine “When-I-were-a-lad” favourites (the legal ones).

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