Bid for caravan storage site outside Houghton submitted to Sunderland planning chiefs

Plans for a huge caravan storage site on the outskirts of Sunderland have been submitted to city development chiefs.

Sunderland City Council’s planning department has validated an application for ward.

The proposals from applicant Jay Storage Ltd are seeking permission for the ‘open air storage’ of more than 300 caravans on a site north of Mulberry Way, in Houghton’s Dubmire Industrial Estate.

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As part of the plans, an existing portable building will be kept for office facilities, as well as staff and visitor parking spaces.

If approved, the site would have space for more than 300 caravans
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A planning statement confirmed the site is allocated for employment but currently “underutilised”.

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It adds nine caravan bays are situated within a flood zone and “pre-cast concrete drains will be used to cross the ditch to the east of the site”.

The plans are also expected to “make effective use of [the] land whilst supporting the long-term economic status of an existing business”.

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The proposed site for the caravan storage facility, north of Mulberry Way, in Dubmire Industrial Estate

The planning statement adds: “The site is well-related to existing industrial storage and will align with adjacent land uses.

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“The proposal accords with development plan policies HS1, HS2 and BH1 [and] there will be no adverse impacts on residential amenity.

“The proposed site is currently hardstand and will be utilised for caravan storage [and] the proposed use is not considered to be sensitive and the land will not pose a risk to public health.

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“The overall planning balance weighs in favour of the proposals, being in accordance with national and local policy with no significant adverse impacts which would outweigh the benefits.”

A decision on the application is expected next year.

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For more information, visit Sunderland City Council’s online planning portal and search reference: 22/02390/FUL