Out-of-control man left police fearing Texas Chainsaw-style massacre

A man left hardened police officers terrified during a Texas Chainsaw Massacre-style stand-off when they arrived to search his home.
Brown threatened police with a chainsaw, the court heard.Brown threatened police with a chainsaw, the court heard.
Brown threatened police with a chainsaw, the court heard.

Steven Brown armed himself with a concrete cutting saw and shouted threats during terrifying scenes that officers described as "akin to a horror movie".

Newcastle Crown Court heard the 26-year-old was "wild, feral and out of control" during the 40-minute confrontation, sparked when officers arrived with a warrant to search his address at Earsdon Close, West Denton, Newcastle on October 16.

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Prosecutor Neil Jones told the court when uniformed officers arrived at the house at around midday, Brown came out armed with a hammer and jumped onto the porch roof, warning "no-one is getting in my house".

He then climbed inside the property through an upstairs window while officers forced their way in downstairs.

Mr Jones told the court: "The loud roar of a saw was audible. This device was being revved up.

"Officers thought this was terrifying and akin to a horror movie.

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"They could hear him saying 'no-one is coming into my house' and revs of the saw were all the while increasing and decreasing."

Mr Jones said the police were afraid for themselves and each other.

He added: "He was provoking considerable fear, even among relatively hardened police officers.

"One officer was in such fear he was panicking and had to be taken away by colleagues.

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"The portrait of Mr Brown on this day was one of someone unhinged, uncontrollable."

Mr Recorder Paul Isaacs said "there were echoes of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and that Brown's behaviour that day was likely to have been a "distraction" so others inside the house could dispose of anything they did not want to officers to find.

The judge sentenced Brown, who has previous convictions and was on two community orders at the time, to 18 weeks imprisonment, suspended for 12 months, with programme requirements.

The court heard Brown had spent seven weeks in custody on remand, which the judge said may have "brought him to his senses".

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The judge told him: "This must have been quite frightening to those involved."

Paul Cross, defending, said the weapon Brown was holding was a stihl saw he had previously used to cut brick work during DIY at the house.

Mr Cross said Brown had previous run-ins with police and added : "He had just had enough and wanted the police to go away. That was what this was really all about, a complete loss of self-control."

Mr Cross said the seven weeks Brown spent on remand was his first experience of custody and he has since found work. Brown pleaded guilty to affray.