Why we must stop deforestation

Palm oil is a very bad thing because animals such as monkeys, apes, chimpanzees and other animals that live in trees suffer because of deforestation.

Tuesday, 5th February 2019, 9:45 am
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 4:36 pm

Deforestation is terrible because it is when the trees in the forest all get cut down and animals have no homes.

This is why we should not eat anything with palm oil in it.

Some of your favourite foods have palm oil in them including some of our favourite sweets and snacks.

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There is a lot more so next time you go shopping, you MUST look at the label to see if there is any palm oil in it.

Because of people getting palm oil, many animals die and you may be upset but it is true and it is all our fault for eating things with palm oil in.

If you are against anything to do with palm oil then you are an amazing person, however, if you will continue to eat palm oil then just think about the poor animals who suffer.

The animals need your help. Would you rather be a nice person and do good things for wildlife or be a bad person and eat palm oil.

Even if you don’t want to, then for a day try to eat things without palm oil and you will probably feel better.

Each time you are tempted to eat the palm oil then picture monkeys with no home, this will make you less tempted.

Don’t just keep this inside share this with the world! The more people who know, the more animals will be saved.Thank you so much for reading this and remember to tell everyone about it.

Help the animals, they need you

Kate Briton,

age nine