Why I will not be on the ‘March to Leave’ march

I must take issue with the “I’ll be on the march to leave” piece by Harry Todd, Echo, March 7.

Wednesday, 13th March 2019, 9:24 am
Updated Wednesday, 13th March 2019, 9:28 am

In the article he claims that the EU referendum was “largest democratic vote in UK history”, this is not true. The 1992 General Election had a larger turnout, 77.7% of electorate (33,614,072 votes cast), EU ref 72.2% turnout (33,551,983 votes cast) and the Scottish Independence referendum had a turnout of 84.6% of the electorate. He also claims that they are marching against the “Westminster elite”, I would urge readers to research the ‘elite’ behind the Leave movement:

Prominent Leave MP: Boris Johnson, multi-millionaire, Eton Educated; Jacob Rees-Mogg, multi-millionaire, Eton Educated.

Prominent supporters: Nigel Farage, multi-millionaire; Aaron Banks, multi-millionaire; Richard Tice, multi-millionaire; Crispin Odey, billionaire; Michael Ashcroft, billionaire tax-exile; Alexander Nix, multi-millionaire; Matt Ridley, multi-millionaire (and board member of Northern Rock when it collapsed). George Cottrell, millionaire and convicted money launderer; Jim Mellon, billionaire.

Please do not consider the march as ’marching against the elite’ the march is being organised by an elite who probably did not obtain their wealth by being benevolent to the ‘voters from less privileged backgrounds’. I would like to know why they are so keen on leaving the EU.

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Take back control is more likely to result in hand over control to this ‘elite’ and whatever their motivations are.

So, in answer to Mr Todd’s question, “Will you march to leave?”, No, Mr Todd, I most certainly will not.

Phill White