UK future will be stronger out of the EU

Rebecca Long Bailey will vote to revoke Article (50) if a no deal Brexit looms on the horizon on Friday.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 11 April, 2019, 09:10

Let me remind the shadow Business Secretary that in 2016 Parliament could not make its mind up and voted to give the British people a vote on Europe to get a decision.

The British people voted to leave the European Union – democracy prevailed.

In 1975 Harold Wilson gave the British people a vote on whether we stayed in the Common Market, yes or no. We decided on staying in.

What is the difference today?

The European Union has grown from seven to 27 and of course the world has changed and so has the European Union, it makes our regulatory laws, VAT, agriculture, fishing rights and every day life.

Forty-four years we have been in the European block and it is time for the European Union to reform.

Let me be blunt, the European Union needs the United Kingdom as Jeremy Corbyn keeps on reminding us.

We are the fifth richest nation in the world but that doesn’t say that we have to give the European Union £39billion to leave.

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A no deal Brexit means the European Union does not get its hands on it, our Parliament has consistently voted against this option.

Why I’ll never know, because it weakens your negotiating powers.

Theresa May go to Europe Brussels and tell them quite clearly give us the deal the United Kingdom deserves.

We have helped Europe with paying billions of pounds into it show us some respect or we are leaving Europe.

Europe will be weaker without the United Kingdom in.

I honestly and sincerely believe as a nation if we leave we will be stronger.

Malcolm Greenhow