Time to ease off Sunderland council

Not in my back yard is the clear message from councillor George Howe in a recent letters page.

The sad thing is I agree with him, and I also agree with the residents of Herrington, who successfully stopped the building of houses on the football pitches and green space at West Park.

It’s the hypocrisy of all Conservatives that bugs me, they applaud all Government cutbacks until it lands on their toes. Sunderland University is having to sell off the land to provide the financial means to fund the expansion of the former polytechnic.

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The same thing is happening with all councils around the North East who are having to sell off the park football pitches I played on as a kid, as they claim they can’t afford the upkeep because of cutbacks by central Government.

I remember the same thing happened under Mrs Thatcher when she encouraged schools to flog all their sports fields to buy basic school essentials. So instead of complaining in the Echo George, get all your Tory councillors and supporters along with our MPs and demand that this appalling Government ease off the persecution of all Labour Councils in the North East.

After all, George, as they say you could end up being the architect of your own downfall.

Ged Taylor