Sunderland’s MPs should put voters before party

Never in this country’s political system has the need for a new kind of system been more urgently required.

We want a system that is representative of the people, who put the people they represent before any party political drama.

The present system stinks to high heaven, eg the three MPs who purport to serve us, are voting against our wishes, in respect to our majority to leave the EU.

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A new kind of system that is independent of any party dogma, made up of totally independent people who are from the area, and give their voters priority over all other things, something on the lines of a network of area independent representatives, who listen and carry out the wishes of their electorate to the best of their abilities, and are free from outside pressure.

For too long we have been subject to the Britain bashers, and the apologists, the empire haters, the liberal left, all have their own little dig at us, well let’s show them what we think of them at the next elections.

These people use the old Stalinist method, “tell people lies long enough and they will eventually believe them”.

It’s time for a clear out of this nest of vipers in parliament – “in God’s name go”.

I W Pallace