Sunderland council is not to blame for rubbish on Chester Road

I was bemused by Helen Greener’s letter, on behalf of the Barnes Conservatives, blaming the Labour council for rubbish on Chester Road.

Tuesday, 5th February 2019, 10:10 am
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 16:36 pm

Why not blame them for rain falling from the sky or dogs barking?

I was born on Chester Road and it has always been that way. It’s not a new problem and it’s not down to the council. If she is going to complain about that, she’s due to have a very disappointing life.

Overall I think Sunderland and the region is much better now than 10 or 20 years ago. The bid for the City of Culture summed up lots of it for me.

There’s a buzz around the region and the Labour councils have done a lot to support that. I’m proud of Sunderland Council and enjoy bringing visitors to the city.

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Please don’t try to pin the blame on the council for things that aren’t their fault.

Peter Wallace