‘Most definitely a North/South divide’

Those of us who live in the South can only commiserate with you about the news from Nissan.

Wednesday, 6th February 2019, 9:19 am
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 4:53 pm

More uncertainty at this time is not what any of us wants or needs.

We also have areas of huge deprivation down South but there is most definitely a North / South divide and it was useful for it to be brought right out into the open.

One of the differences which was brought to the attention of Southerners was that our deprived areas generally voted Remain and yours (the North) voted Leave. I have no idea why this was the case.

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I voted Remain because I’m a risk-averse, ‘steady-as-you-go’ sort of person who doesn’t want any big surprises. Unfortunately, I think more big surprises are just around the corner.

Let’s hope some good comes from all this.

Jane Phillips,