Make purchasing Sunderland AFC tickets easier

In The Echo of April 13 Charlie Methven issued a call for all supporters who were able to get to The SOL to go and support the team in the run-in.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 16 April, 2019, 15:06

I tried to buy a ticket for Pompey (April 27) online and couldn’t so I went to the ticket office and still couldn’t because I have no ‘recent purchase history’.

It would seem that because the Pompey end is sold out their supporters are trying to buy tickets in the home areas or are having Sunderland supporters buy them tickets.

I can understand how there may be doubts over online purchases (although that would disadvantage a supporter who lived, for example, in the USA, and can only get over once in a while but happens to be here on holiday at the time of the game. Imagine their disappointment) but quite how the hierarchy at SAFC know that tickets that are being bought in person at the ticket office are going to Portsmouth supporters is a puzzle. Have they put trackers on the tickets?

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I was told by staff that, if there’s trouble and you have a purchase history they will know who you are. That is rubbish. If there’s trouble and you’re registered with the club (and you never had to be to buy a ticket) then they will know who you are.

So come on, Donald, Methven et al. If you want the support you have to let us buy tickets (the wall isn’t as easy to scale as it was at Roker Park).

Lena Browne