EU does not set fish quotas

Mr Wright accuses me of posting incorrect information in a part of my recent letter concerning EU fish quotas.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 11 April, 2019, 09:12

Instead of blindly blaming the EU for fishing legislation, as he wishes to do, let me explain.

The International Council for the Exploration of the Seas ( ICES) makes recommendations on how fisheries should be managed in future for the conservation of the species.

The European Commission will set their Total Allowable Catches (TAC ) per quota species based on the scientific evidence relating to the health of that species.

The UK Defra Fisheries minister attends these meetings and helps allocate the TAC.

Fisheries management is a devolved matter within the UK. Each constituent part of the UK has responsibility of managing the activity of its part of the UK Fishing fleet.

The UK Marine Management Organisation (MMO) manages and sets fishery quotas within limits set by the EU commission, as part of the obligations of implementing the Commons Fishery Policy.

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Allocations of quota are set by the MMO across the whole of the UK fishing fleet, not by the EU itself.

Constantly laying the blame at the door of the EU only misguides the public to what is the true nature of negotiations that take place.

Like the lies on the side of the Brexit Bus, misinformation is constantly used by Leavers to accord their arguments with substance.

The public is becoming more and more aware of the lack of substance in the Leave camp’s debate.

It is not too late to overturn this ludicrous decision and remain where we truly belong – as part of the Europe we helped build and flourish.

Arthur Oxley