Echo readers favour prison sentences over community orders, poll finds

In a Facebook poll Echo readers have overwhelmingly disagreed that community orders should replace short prison sentences.

Thursday, 17th October 2019, 5:54 pm
Updated Friday, 18th October 2019, 11:29 am
A large majority of our readers want short prison sentences, rather than community orders.

Justice Secretary Robert Buckland has told MPs that better alternatives to short periods behind bars, such as community orders, were more likely to be successful. However, he does not want to scrap the option of custody.

We asked in our poll: “Which do you think is a more effective punishment: a six-month jail sentence or a community order?”

Of the 590 people who had voted at time of writing, 86% said prison, 14% said community orders.

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Darren Parry favoured a hard line, saying: “Why not triple the jail terms? that might have more impact.”

John Wild said: “Community orders are a complete waste of time. Kids wear them as a badge of honour the same as they did with ASBOs. Make prison tougher so that the people who have been jailed warn their friends that it’s not the place to go.”

Chris Mini Haswell said: “Keeps off the streets. Out of sight out of mind, peace and quiet, especially violent crime. However, depends on the circumstances.”

Sandra N John Cuthbertson said: “Seriously, months? Any sentence should start of at one year at least for God’s sake. That’s why people laugh when they get caught, they know the most likely outcome is months or a fine.”

Stephen Clinton said: “It costs just short of £40,000 to keep a prisoner for one year on average. Plus addressing any medical/mental health issues. You're looking at a lot of money saved by scrapping the short sentences.”