Echo readers don't think Johnson's Brexit deal will get through parliament

A majority of Echo readers in our poll do not believe the Prime Minister’s deal will survive Saturday’s Parliamentary vote.

Friday, 18th October 2019, 5:13 pm
Updated Saturday, 19th October 2019, 11:13 am
Boris Johnson has reached an agreement with the EU on Brexit, but will MPs back him on Saturday?

Boris Johnson has agreed a deal with the EU, but now has to convince UK MPs, who vote on the deal on Saturday. There’s much stake and his party has no majority. But will enough opposition MPs and ex-Conservatives vote his way?

We asked our readers on Facebook: “Do you think Boris Johnson's Brexit deal will get through Parliament?” Of the 1,600 people who had voted at the time of writing, 33% said yes, 67% no.

Graham Storey said: “Well it's this one or no deal. I hope all the people who make comments on here and other posts remember which way our local MPs vote on this and ensure they never see public office again.”

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Adam Carter-Jones thinks: “If it doesn't, we leave with no deal. It has been confirmed. So let's hope that happens.”

Alex Young said: “Even if was the perfect deal, other parties would just vote no just to make it difficult. They’re all in it for themselves and not the electorate.”

Ursula Hindmarch Godfrey said: “No matter what type of deal he has, whether brilliant or not, it won't get passed by the rest of the morons in parliament not respecting 17.4 million voters.”

Steven Pearson said: “I hope it passes so we can leave the EU and move on from Brexit. But I can't see it happening, Labour won't vote for it.”

Rose Wharton said: “I hope it passes and people can then talk about other things.”