Dilemma over Sunderland’s Alzheimer’s Society building

Further to the letter written by Ernie Thompson, founder member and chair of the Sunderland branch of the Alzheimer’s Society (February 9), I was very interested to read how the Sunderland Alzheimer’s Society branch was formed.

Also the fact that every single penny of the money to purchase the building, the ‘Prince of Wales Centre’ in Hylton Road, was raised wholly by the efforts of local people. I was astonished to read the National Alzheimer’s Society was actually opposed to the Sunderland branch purchasing the building.

Now that Alzheimer’s Society have decided to close this vital service, which is a lifeline to so many people, what will become of the building?

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No doubt it will be sold with the whole of the profits put into a central pot rather than it being reinvested into local Alzheimer’s services for the people of Sunderland.

Pat Abernethy