The Conservatives did not cause the asylum or economic problems in this country

In his recent reply to my letter, Arthur Oxley is certainly riled by my comments.

Tuesday, 22nd January 2019, 9:27 am
Updated Tuesday, 22nd January 2019, 9:30 am

Is it not a fact that our country is being threatened by huge numbers of asylum seekers, who having landed in countries such as France, Italy, Greece and Spain, are wanting to settle in the UK?

This despite the UN’s declaration that asylum seekers should register in the first democratic country in which they land.

They are not allowed to choose their destination otherwise they will be deemed to be economic migrants.

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Mr Oxley then continues saying that the Conservative Government is responsible for the problems that are confronting this country.

Among other things he refers to the Poll Tax, which was discarded as being unfair.

He makes no mention of the huge debt incurred upon the people when Gordon Brown’s Labour government was kicked out of office.

He forgets the Blair years when he allied us with President Bush at a huge cost of personel and money to fight a war based upon phoney evidence!

George Howe