SHARON HODGSON: Sunak promised professionalism; his premiership so far is 'a professional car crash'

In another example of the merry-go-round that is Tory government these days, Rishi Sunak, after jumping ship as Chancellor three months ago and personally putting the last nail in the coffin of Boris Johnson’s stint as Prime Minister, has returned to Downing Street as the latest captain of the sleaze and scandal-ridden sinking ship that is this Tory government.

Once again, a disgraced and law-breaking Prime Minister holds the highest office in our land, except this is one that nobody voted for.

However, like his predecessors he hasn’t an ounce of responsibility or accountability.

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Sunak showed his true colours when he was secretly filmed gloating about redirecting vital investment and funds from poor deprived urban areas and giving it to Royal Tunbridge Wells in Kent – demonstrating once again that the Conservative Party and Sunak have no grasp of the impact of their disastrous economic policies on working people.

Whilst Sunak and his cabinet wreak political havoc, the frightening reality of mortgage rises on UK households of a 24-month fixed deal is obvious. On average families will be expected to find an extra £6,700 in annual repayments on top of soaring bills and the rising cost of living. And Sunak’s legacy as Chancellor? The highest tax burden for 70 years.

It is simple, every day the Tories are in office they are making life harder for working people.

It is not just the economic incompetence that Sunak shares with Liz Truss, but her disgraced Home Secretary Suella Braverman, who was reinstated just six days after she was found to have broken the ministerial code.

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Sunak promised professionalism, this current situation is a professional car crash.

Beyond that, the PM is prepared to let another flagship levelling-up project and net zero project, Britishvolt, bite the dust due to lack of Government oversight, meaning a loss of 8,000 jobs and a waste of vital government funding in Blyth. Further Tory neglect is not what the North East deserves.

It is time for a Government that will deliver upon the ambition Britain holds for itself.

A Labour Government with integrity, a democratic mandate and proper leadership, will deliver this.