LEGAL EAGLE: Medomsley Detention Centre compensation claim reopened - pursue a claim as soon as possible

The Medomsley Detention Centre Physical Abuse Settlement Scheme set up by the Ministry of Justice to provide compensation to survivors of physical abuse suffered by staff members at Medomsley Detention Centre has been reopened with immediate effect.

By Andrew Freckleton
Tuesday, 19th July 2022, 6:00 pm
The former Medomsley Detention Centre.
The former Medomsley Detention Centre.

The scheme originally ended on January 1, 2022. What this meant was the Ministry of Justice would not make any offers of settlement in respect of claims alleging historic abuse at Medomsley Detention Centre where the claim for compensation was received by the Ministry of Justice after this date.

However, the Ministry has since confirmed it remains committed to ensuring those who have not yet advanced their claims have the opportunity to do so, and after further consideration has decided the compensation scheme will be reopened with immediate effect.

Under the terms of the scheme, former detainees are compensated if they have suffered physical abuse committed by any member of staff who was employed at Medomsley during the period they were detained. The scheme operates outside of the Civil Courts with a tariff of compensation awards dependent on the length of the period of detention.

We at Ben Hoare Bell LLP have represented more than 500 survivors of Medomsley Detention Centre. The Physical Abuse Settlement Scheme has afforded the opportunity for survivors of the brutal regime at Medomsley to be compensated for the abuse they suffered. Whilst we appreciate compensation will not heal the physical and mental scars of our clients, we believe the scheme to be a significant acknowledgement of the pain and suffering caused to the survivors of Medomsley which has gone some way to providing some comfort to those who were abused. We are pleased with the recent confirmation by the Ministry of Justice that they have reopened the scheme to allow more former inmates of Medomsley who missed out on the original scheme the opportunity to be compensated for the abuse they suffered.

We would strongly encourage anyone who has not yet pursued a compensation claim to do so as soon as possible.

If you were abused at the centre and are interested in pursuing a claim, contact specialist solicitors Andrew Freckleton or Richard Hardy on 0191 565 3112 or by email to [email protected] to discuss further.