CHILDLINE ADVICE: Thanks to all those who help  us be there when needed

Last week I reflected on the changes we’ve seen over the last year for children and families across the UK, and how that has had a huge impact on the mental health of thousands of the young people we’ve spoken to at Childline.

Volunteers play a huge part in the work done by Childline.
Volunteers play a huge part in the work done by Childline.

This week I want to recognise the extraordinary work that goes on to help us support those children, through restrictions and lockdowns and sometimes worrying developments in the world outside. Our volunteers play a huge part in the work we do. Day after day, night after night, our volunteers make their way to our contact centres across the UK and answer calls and messages from children.

They have done this consistently throughout the pandemic, through lockdowns and when almost everything else seems to have ground to a halt, to be there for children.

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They have listened to children’s fears about the pandemic, their uncertainly about their future,

about bullying and mental health problems, suicidal thoughts and abuse and a whole host of other issues that build up on children’s shoulders and weigh them down with worries.

Our volunteers have worked with children to lighten their load, to find solutions, and to see a way

forward. It’s a hard, but highly rewarding, job and their dedication to helping children is truly awe

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But it’s not just the volunteers that help us answer the phones to children when they need us most. I have constantly been amazed by the support we have received from members of the public and businesses at a time when so many are struggling financially.

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We have had individuals taking on sponsored events in their own homes, regularly donating every month to help keep children safe, buying raffle tickets or signing pledges. We have had businesses large and small donate money, time and resources to keep us running.

Just this year, Childline has been supported by players of the People’s Postcode Lottery who have provided funding of £1 million – enough to keep us supporting children for a whole month. And in a time when we can’t host events, or run marathons, go on overseas treks or even host a coffee morning at our friends’ houses, this support is all the more vital.

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So I would like to thank all our volunteers, supporters of all kinds, businesses big and small, for

helping us be there for children when they need us most.