Can somebody explain the positioning of Grindon Broadway traffic lights

Some weeks ago, as I was travelling on ye olde charabanc (I still will not let this word “die out”) to Sunderland, probably to use the free computers in the service’s area to type another letter to this fine page, I noticed there was some roadworks on the Grindon Broadway just past Grindon Lane.

Of course, there were traffic lights rather than the little red lanterns (I wonder where all of them went?) to stop the traffic as the safety area took up half of the side of the road due to health and safety as per usual as they were only digging up the path by the looks of it.

I thought nothing of the interruption until the beginning of the week when I noticed traffic lights had been put in just before a junction and a roundabout.

Now I, and probably many more folk will be thinking why there?

The bus stops are on the other side of the roundabout so it’s not to help people using public transport.

While travelling home on said public transport I was chatting to an old friend who is blind who basically said the same thing.

He also mentioned that the zebra crossing has been taken away so now he has an extra road to cross as trying to make it to the central reservation is too dangerous as many old people who live in the area find out, much the same as the traffic lights at Penshaw albeit sans central reservation.

All I can think of is that there must be a front door nearby to the bus stop.

Alan Vincent.