World Cup 2018: We'd love to meet your Pedigree Chums

Elsa, Lola, Buddy and Lilly.
Elsa, Lola, Buddy and Lilly.

It's only been a week since this year's World Cup in Russia kicked off - but we've already been showing our colours.

England started the tournament with a bang, winning 2-1 to Tunisia in their first game of the group stages. The Three Lions will kick off again on Sunday, against Panama at 1pm.

In the mean time, we'd love to see how your household is getting ready to support the lads. More specifically, we'd love to meet the dogs, cats, rabbits and other pets donning their red and white with pride.

We've already said hello to a couple of your Pedigree Chums - Elsa, Lola, Buddy and Lilly - but there's plenty of room for more.

Share your pictures with us on Facebook or Twitter - and don't forget to tell us your animal's name.