'No such thing as a bad dog' - 15 things you said about Staffies as Government rejects calls to add them to Dangerous Dogs list

Readers have been sharing their stories of life with Staffordshire Bull Terriers

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 18 July, 2018, 11:51

Described by many of you as "loving" and "brilliant" dogs, the Government has rejected calls from PETA to add the breed to the Dangerous Dogs List. The animal rights charity had argued that it wanted to protect the breed from gangs, crime and abuse with its proposal.

A counter-petition, from Staffy owner Steve Quinn, urged our Government to reject PETA's recommendation. After discussion in parliament, the Government agreed not to add Staffies to the banned list.

Pictures: Joanne Hall, Jess Hanratty, Steph Ord and Janice Mosey.

Dozens of you contacted the Echo on social media to share your own stories of growing up with a Staffy in the family and having one of the dogs in your life.

Here's how you reacted to the story on social media:

Sarah Reynolds: "Never met a dangerous Staffy yet, big softies, it's the idiots who are allowed to keep them who need dealing with."

Ashley Leslie Charlton: "My Staffy Sox, he’s a rescue and he is so loving and loves to cuddle up in bed, he couldn’t hurt a fly."

Picture: Cassandra Robson.

Steph Ord: "It’s all down to the owners, every dog has an instinct but if you bring them up correctly with love and care I can guarantee they turn into your best friends! My Staff is the most loving little thing you could ever meet."

Ashleigh Horabin: "Come spend a day with my dogs if you think Staffies are aggressive. They're the most loving dogs ever in my eyes. If you train a dog to be aggressive it will be, it being a Staffy, a Rottweiler or a Chihuahua."

Kieron Daniel Riley: "The only thing my Staffy is dangerous around is my dinner, he would take it and not even feel guilty."

David Stephenson: "Any dog can be aggressive - if brought up that way, but I must admit I don’t like seeing them off the lead - as they scare me, especially when you don’t know the dog/or any dog for that matter. It’s the small minority I suppose. Can’t tar all Staffs as bad dogs."

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Picture: Kieron Daniel Riley.

Kim Clark: "My Staffies over the years have been more loving than people I know ... and therefore I think it is the right decision the government have made, (for once) it's down to the owner to show love and you'll get love back in return."

Janice Box: "All dogs can be dangerous it's how you bring them up my Staffy is a loyal loving girl, my 13 year old has autism and she is absolutely brilliant with him. In the right hands Staffies make brilliant pets."

Jade West: "I am a proud owner of a Staffy who is the most loving, soft, playful dog you could meet. My kids love him and he is part of our family. Such a shame how some disgusting, vile owners can mistreat these dogs and give them a bad reputation. I'm glad this has been rejected. I say put the bad owners on a ‘Dangerous List’ not the dogs."

Eileen Sills: "No such thing as a bad dog, they reflect the love they are given by us humans. Mine is loved and cherished, and is gentle and affectionate in return."

Julie Mcdowell: "My Staffies would sit amongst my children when they were little as they always wanted to join in. They were the most loving dogs ever. It's the way they are brought up."

Steve Lee: "My Staffy got bit by a sausage dog and didn't retaliate. He's the most friendly dog you could ever meet. Loves kids, people, dogs everything."

Emma Dover: "Should go to having to have a license to own a dog."

Andy Pandy Atkinson: "Most loyal, protective and loving dogs about. Had one years ago. She was lovely."

Tracy Raine: "It’s how you bring an animal up with love, not hate, if you have hate in your heart, you don’t deserve an animal."