Nigel Farage in Sunderland on Brexit march this weekend - here's what you said about his visit

Voters in the North East have once again had their say on politician Nigel Farage's forthcoming visit to Sunderland.

Monday, 11th March 2019, 2:14 pm
Updated Monday, 11th March 2019, 2:23 pm
Nigel Farage will be in the North East this weekend. Picture: PA.

The former Ukip leader will be in the region this weekend as part of his Leave Means Leave march to London, which will end in the capital on March 29.

When the announcement was made at the end of last month, Echo readers were split in their opinion as to whether or not they supported Mr Farage.

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Ahead of this weekend's visit, an Echo letter writer called on the politician to "rectify the incorrect statements" he said he made in the 2016 Brexit campaign.

The writer, Giuseppe Enrico Bignardi, also said the next step for Brexit should be a referendum on Theresa May's deal.

The letter prompted some of you to get in touch on social media about the protest, which will be led by Mr Farage, Leave Means Leave founder Richard Tice and chairman John Longworth,

The Leave Means Leave protest will reach London on March 29. Picture: PA.

At the EU Referendum in 2016, 61.3% of Sunderland voters backed Brexit.

Here is what you had to say about the Letter of the Week on the Sunderland Echo Facebook page:

Tony Sproats: "How can working class people not see through him? He has no interest in them."

Jamie Mackintosh: "Couldn't think of anything worse. Except maybe a no-deal Brexit."

Chris Mckay: "Perhaps he can also explain why he wanted a second referendum if he lost the first. What happened to respecting democracy and the will of the people then?"

Lesley Richardson: "I don't always agree with his views but what I do like is the man is very straight talking. He isn't afraid to stand up and say what many people think."

Alan Robson: "If I can I will be there, can't understand the negativity."

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Ken Ramsey: "No but wouldn't go if any political party turned up. Lost faith in them all."

John Tate: "I agree with Brexit that is where it ends with Nigel Farage."

Joanne Jarvis: "Him and Trump are the only ones who stand up for their own people and not scared to say what others are frightened to say. Big changes are needed and it's time to let someone else in coz, put is this way, they can't do anything worse than it is."

Gary Ablett: "Brexit means Brexit, I’ll be there to cheer Nigel and the lads on as they set off on their long journey."

Michael Butler II: "£50 a pop to participate? Sounds in touch with the working class eh."

Annabelle Chapman: "I don't know how he dares walk through."