Newcastle United's St James's Park tops Premier League crime table - with 64 offences per day

Newcastle United have topped the Premier League table - but not for reasons you may expect.
St James's Park has topped the Premier League crime tableSt James's Park has topped the Premier League crime table
St James's Park has topped the Premier League crime table

With five months of the football season already contested, the race for the title and the battle against relegation take on even greater significance.

And poor results can trigger bad behaviour; potentially contributing to local crime levels where a major stadium is situated.

The full Crime DataThe full Crime Data
The full Crime Data
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As a result, football ticketing company, sought to investigate the major Premier League stadiums with the most crimes within a one-mile radius during the month of November 2018 - which are the most recent stats available.

The total number of crimes for each stadium was taken from ‘UK Crime Stats’ and when defining the ‘total number of crimes’, UK Crime Stats include the following offences: Anti-social behaviour, robbery, burglary, vehicle crime, violent crime, drugs, criminal damage and arson, shoplifting, bike theft, theft from the person, other theft, weapons, public order and other crime.

The results place St James’s Park, the home to Newcastle United, at the top of the crime table with a whopping 1,913 crimes in November alone.

This is the equivalent to 64 crimes per day during the penultimate month of 2018.

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However, St James's Park is one of only a handful of Premier League grounds situated in the city centre, with many newer grounds constructed as part of out-of-town developments.

That means that the one-mile radius surrounding the home of the Magpies encompasses much of the city centre, with areas such as Bigg Market, Eldon Square and Central Station included.

The radius even stretches over the River Tyne into Gateshead, meaning a vest and well-populated area is covered by these stats.

Therefore, any crimes committed in these areas are included within these statistics which likely explains why Newcastle top the table.

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Arsenal, Chelsea and West Ham United also feature towards the top of the crime table - and all three see their grounds situated in thriving and highly-populated areas too.

Brighton, who prop up the division with just 64 crimes committed during November, are of a number of grounds situated well outside the city centre - meaning the likelihood of crimes committed with a one-mile radius is reduced.