Mutual respect is key to peace

The tragic violence in Manchester on May 22 shows again how the multi-racial one world idea is wrong.

The Western liberal elite, multi-national corporations and a powerful Zionist lobby have reaped the results of a disastrous Middle East policy that has brought urban terrorism onto our streets.

Twelve years ago, I went to the Edinburgh Tattoo and you were frisked and holdalls and bags searched.

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Today you can find machine gun-armed police at Newcastle airport, the Central Station or at the Christmas Market.

Visit Durham Passport Office and find yourself scanned and searched before you enter the building.

School programmes are implemented to root out budding terrorists … the list goes on and on and all to force onto us something that is a failure and for which we have to pay.

The multi-racial policy for Britain and the Western world is bad for everyone.

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Only by a mutual respect for nation states, cultures and races can we build a better and worthwhile peace.

No doubt the promoters of this failed idea will come out with more sleek “Love not Hate” clichés and say that things will be all right.

Unfortunately, the truth is that the unworkable melting pot theory, along with left-wing socialism, is a disaster for humanity.

John Aspinall