Mind-reading, super strength and heat vision to cook dinner - 55% of kids think their parents have super powers

Kids really do think their parents are superheroes - with more than half believing their mums can read their minds.

A survey of 1,000 children aged between six and eight revealed 55% reckon their parents could actually be superheroes or villains in disguise. And the powers below are what kids believe their mum is most likely to have.

More than a third suspect their mums and dads have a secret hidden lair where they keep their crime-fighting paraphernalia - and six in 10 believe their dad is capable of inhuman feats of strength.

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And when it comes to the daily tasks parents would use their super powers to complete, one in two kids think their folks would utilise their super-hearing to keep tabs on them when they were out of sight, and 55% imagine their parents would use their telepathic skills to get in their heads.

Additionally, 43% think super strength would make carrying shopping bags home effortless, and 35% would flash-cook dinner with their heat-vision.

A spokesperson from Ripley's Believe It Or Not!, which commissioned the research, said: "From super-human abilities to hidden lairs and colourful costumes, it's lovely to discover the vivid characters parents inspire in their kids.