Messages of support continue to flood in after heartbreaking news about Bradley Lowery

Messages of support are flooding in from across the region for the family of little Bradley Lowery as they are given the news they had been dreading to hear.

Friday, 9th December 2016, 5:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 12:37 pm
Bradley is given cuddles in his hospital bed by dad Carl.

The five-year-old’s parents have been told by doctors they only have limited time left with the youngster after recent scans show the cancer he has been fighting, is growing.

Bradley, from Blackhall has been undergoing gruelling treatment since the New Year when consultants discovered the neuroblastoma cancer he had beaten back in January 2013 had returned.

The youngster pictured while undergoing care in hospital.

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The devastating news was broken last night by his mum Gemma who told how the family have been given three options - but none would help the little boy who has captured the hearts of so many across the region to survive.

Speaking last night Gemma said: “ “I honestly have no words to how heartbroken I am right now. “I really don’t know how I’m going to make a decision either to take my baby home and have a couple of months with him or put him through more gruelling treatment that could leave him fighting for his life and to have the same outcome.”

Linda C Short said: “Most of us just take life for granted until you find yourself in a heartbreaking situation my heart goes out to Bradley Lowery and his family, and what a special boy he is , I will like many others be thinking about this family god love them xxx.”

The youngster pictured while undergoing care in hospital.

Sharon Brooke commented: “My heart breaks for this little boy and his family. What a brave courageous little boy he is and also his family. Am sure thousands of people will be shedding tears when reading about Bradley today. My love and thoughts are with you all. He has touched so many people’s hearts and lives xxx.”

Kayleigh Joanne Johnson stated: “Absolutely heartbreaking he has fought so hard to fight this awful disease. Always has a smile on his face as well, no one especially a child should have to go through it!. It gets me so angry that a cure still has not been found. Thoughts and prayers sending them your way hope you’s can have the best Christmas ever and make fantastic memories with Bradley no one can ever take away. Praying for a miracle.”

Carl Onwochei New said: “This is soooo sad. My condolences to the parents who are going through a gruelling time decision making right now. My admiration to this young brave lad who has put up a tremendous fight.”

Dorothy Smith stated: “My heart goes out to this little boy & his family. We lost our little girl at the age of three, so heart breaking. I know what you are going through. Love & prayers to your little boy & the family xxx.”

Angela French commented: “There just aren’t words. I am heart broken for Bradley and his family. He is the same age as my little boy and I can’t imagine the pain they are feeling. Always in my thoughts and prayers xx.”

Melissa Jayne said: “Plenty moaning people day to day yet little Bradley’s always got a smile on his face fighting for his own life.”

Jemma Carr said: “Such strength from his parents! A whole region supporting them! It’s so devastating - such a little fighter and always a beautiful smile! My heart goes out to them all!”

Gemma Paling commented: “Always smiling even though he’s going through so much, poor baby, my heart breaks for him and his wonderful family #theresonlyonebradleylowery.”

Carol Spain said: “Most of us take life for granted until you hear the heartbreaking news about Bradley Lowery and his family thinking of his family he has touched so many peoples hearts xxxx.”

Haylee Buckley commented: “My heart goes out to Bradley and his family....such a brave little boy . He has touched so many peoples lives. #prayforbradley.”

Linda Walton stated: “Absolutely heartbroken when I heard about lil Bradley, he has fought it all the way, my heart is with this precious lil man and his family xxx.”

Margaret Crosbie said: “This news is so sad for the whole family.”

Paul Short said: “Heartbreaking absolute evil world we live in. This shouldn’t happen to children. It should happen to rapists murders paedophiles.”

Dana Lloyd wrote: “Life is so cruel, sending love from My family to Yours.”

Teresa Anne Fenwick stated: “Heartbreaking my love and prayers to all the family xxx.”

Sylvia Weetman wrote: “I am devastated Bradley such a brave boy hugs to you and your family.”