Memories of a great 1980s Sunderland pub - and its pool table

A fantastic 31,000 of you showed an interest in this old Sunderland pub, which was pictured in 1988.

Thursday, 28th September 2017, 2:37 pm
Updated Friday, 29th September 2017, 4:20 pm
An outside view of Strokes pub.

And for many of you, it was the memory of showing your skills on the pool table which brought back recollections of Strokes.

This old favourite was in Hudson Road and we showed you a shot of the bar all lit up.

Inside Strokes in 1988.

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It was enough to bring back memories for the likes of Collette Barr, Ronnie Taylor and Kevin Donaldson.

Collette Barr remembered games of pool and wasn’t the only one.

Ronnie Taylor said he and his friends were hugely successful in the game.

Kevin Donaldson described himself as “a regular in there when I worked over the road at Coutts and Findlater shopfitters.”

Inside Strokes in 1988.

He later added: “I was always in the poolroom at the back.”

While Vanessa Nichol said: “ha ha had many good laugh in here xx.

Karen Collins told us: “Loved this pub had some fab nights in here xx especially when Diane was the gaffa xx.”

And thanks also go to Fredmarie Imeson who commented: “I used to work there when Alan casidey had it, good little pub” while Lisa Hardy said she remembered paying a visit.

Lynn Hardy said it was “garn back a few years haha” while Lisa Hardy replied: “anah was great tho xxx” and added: “aye class times xxx.”

Glyn Lamb was another to try his luck on the pool table and said: “Every Saturday I’d lose my wages in here at pool..them were the good old days.”

Tommy Greenhow “loved the place” while Paul Maple said he “drank in there after work” with pals.

Mark Horsley said: “I used to work here with Pearl from the Eastender!” while Susanne Martin reminisced: “My Aunty worked in this pub x.”

John Lynn described them as the “Good old days” while Natalie Craig said: “Had some good times there x.”

It brought back memories too for Jimmy Shovlin who said: “Goodness I remember that place” while Jerome Dagg reminded us all of where in Sunderland the pub was.

“Top of hudson road near crown house.”

Our thanks to him and also to John Hobson who said: “Class establishment loved it.”

Isabelle Collinson commented: “My dad spent many a nite in here x” while Doug Heads said: “Good pub.”

Phillip Dempster hailed it as “class” and Ian Donaldson said: “Was my local for years . I loved the place.”

Maureen Mather said: “I used to clean it..xx” while Jackie Toolin was one of many who reminded us of its Hudson Road location.

Connie Schonewald was impressed with the old photo and commented: “Omg.”

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We would love to hear from more people with memories of Strokes.

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