Meet the Barnes ward candidates standing in the Sunderland City Council elections

Local elections are taking place on Thursday May 2. Here's a look at the candidates out for your vote in the Barnes ward:

By James Harrison
Wednesday, 17 April, 2019, 12:22
Clockwise from top left: Josh Flynn (Green), Ian MacAdam Galbraith (Labour), Helen Greener (Conservative), Tim Ellis (Liberal Democrat).


(Liberal Democrat)

I have lived in High Barnes nearly all my life.

The people of Barnes, Plains Farm, Humbledon and Eden Vale have been particularly let down.

Our roads are in need of resurfacing, our beautiful park suffers from anti-social behaviour, and our back lanes have a serious rubbish problem.

I also often feel that our part of Sunderland loses out when compared to other parts of the city.

We have very few amenities, businesses and leisure facilities: this needs to change.

Instead of voting for the Tories and Labour, who only promise more of the same, vote for change and vote Lib Dem in Barnes.

Josh FLYNN (Green)

As a councillor I would prioritise cleaning up our streets and our park.

Household waste needs to be better managed in order to improve our environment and reduce vermin.

The council’s record on recycling is shocking and fly-tipping is not being tackled.

Residents need better advice and support to reduce waste and dispose of household items safely and legally.

I would also be a strong advocate for LGBT services in the city as these have suffered disproportionately from cuts to spending.

At this year’s elections make a difference – vote Green!

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Ian Macadam GALBRAITH (Labour)

As a Labour Councillor for Barnes I enjoy speaking with residents and addressing their concerns.

I concentrate on being active throughout the whole of Barnes Ward, dealing with everything from highways to housing, parking to problem neighbours, and fly-tipping.

I have also assisted residents at PIP assessments and with visa problems.

I regularly attend the long established Residents Association and deal with issues discussed there.

I have advised and assisted with grant applications from Schools, Churches, Kayll Road Library, Allotments and Pigeon Societies, and Boxing Clubs.

My ambition is to continue being a committed ward councillor.

Helen GREENER (Conservative)

I was born in Barnes and have spent most of my life living here, as well as attending Barnes and Bede schools.

Since leaving school, I have worked in the family business, which was established in the ward in 1967.

Over the years I have observed Sunderland’s decline, with the town centre becoming a shadow of what it once was.

This has spurred me on to stand up to Labour, to try and make Sunderland a safer and cleaner place to live, to fight the council tax increase proposed by Labour, and to put Barnes back in business.

Allison ALLEN (UKIP)

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