Meet the Sunderland mum who is an Instagram inspiration after losing more than five stone

A Sunderland mum who thought she would be the '˜big girl forever' says her life has changed after shedding more than five stone to become an Instagram inspiration.

Monday, 14th January 2019, 5:00 am
Updated Monday, 14th January 2019, 9:39 am

At her heaviest, 27-year-old Jodi Spurr weighed 15st 8lb and struggled for breath when walking up the stairs.

The 5ft 3in mum-of-two was a size 18 to 20, and found she lacked energy and suffered from a number of health problems related to her weight.

Slimmer Jodi Spurr has lost 5st 7lb through Slimming World.
Slimmer Jodi Spurr has lost 5st 7lb through Slimming World.

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Classed by doctors as ‘morbidly obese,’ Jodi knew she had to take action.

After seeing a friend lose weight with Slimming World, Jodi decided to give it a go and in November 2017 joined the group at Seaham Methodist Church under the guidance of consultant Michelle Gallagher.

Since then the Sunderland College student has lost and incredible 5st 7lb and is now a healthy 10st and a size 8-10.

Jodi, who is mum to Harlo Allison, one, and Heidi Allison, three, said: “I knew that I was overweight but I have to be honest I really did think I was going to be a big girl forever.

Slimmer Jodie Spurr has lost 5st 7lb.

“Everyone always used to say that I was ‘beautiful inside and out’ and that I had a lovely personality and I just assumed that was going to me, the big girl with a nice personality.

“I had tried dieting before and I was always a yo-yo dieter.

“I used to think that for me to lose weight that I had to go hungry for days to lose weight.

“Then I would get so hungry and eat everything that I would pile it all back on and more.

Jodi Spurr before she lost the weight.

“A friend of mine had joined Slimming World and I got a shock when I seen how much weight she had lost and the foods she had been eating, it made me want to give it a go. 
“I decided to give it a go and I have literally never looked back.”

In her first week, Jodi lost 8.5lbs and seeing the weight steadily fall off, encouraged her to continue.

She began posting photos of her Slimming World journey on to Facebook and Instagram @jodispurr_sw and was amazed at the response, with people contacting her to say how well she was doing and asking for advice.

Jodi has more than 4,000 followers on Instagram and her posts rack up hundreds of likes.

Jodi Spurr before she lost more than 5st with Slimming World.

She added: “This was a big confidence boost for me and spurred me on even more to do well. 
“I couldn’t cook before I started Slimming World, so for people to message me saying my food looked amazing I literally couldn’t believe it.”

Jodi, who continues to attend Slimming World each week, says she is now pushing to lose a total of six stone.

She says changing the way she eats as also helped her shape a healthier future for her children who now eat the same as she des.

Jodi said: “I didn’t realise how important it was to eat good and as soon as I started eating better I felt a million times better.
“Not only was I eating better but so were my two children.

“That from the beginning has been a huge benefit for me, seeing how good my children eat and how much they enjoy their food.”

She continued: “I have completely changed my life since joining Slimming World.
“I used to be so unhealthy, unhappy, unfit and never had any energy or be bothered to do anything.
“I used to hide the fact of how I was self conscious about my weight by making fun of myself and always making remarks about how I was big, I thought if I did it then it wouldn’t hurt if someone else did.

Jodi Spurr says she feels amazing after shedding the weight.

“Now I am so much happier, I’m confident I’m so much more outgoing and the biggest change is how much I love exercise.
“I’ve learned to run and love being out running or walking with my little ones.

“I want to set an example to my children that it’s important to eat well and look after your body.”

Diet before:

Breakfast: Skipped.

Lunch: Frozen meal.

Dinner: Microwave meal.

Diet after:

Breakfast: Porridge and a banana.

Lunch: Jacket potato, or pasta or salad.

Dinner: Home made meals such as spaghetti bolognese, or vegetable soup, or a ‘fakeaway; such as a cheese burger and chips.

Snacks: Tomatoes and cucumber.

Mum Jodi Spurr says she has more energy after losing weight.