Martin Bain hits: What Sunderland's chief executive said about Grayson's future, transfers and his own position

Martin Bain gave a revealing interview yesterday at the Stadium of Light on the big issues surrounding Sunderland this season.

Tuesday, 24th October 2017, 10:20 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 4:02 am
Martin Bain

The chief executive talked on a range of subjects, addressing relegation fears, Simon Grayson's future and his own position.

Here's the highlights of what he said:

Martin Bain

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“When I work with managers, I know the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis. If there isn’t a determination there – whether it’s from a manager or someone who works in the ticket office – I don’t think they should be working at the football club.

“When you see the hard work, determination and endeavour that Simon and we all bring to the party, for me that’s a tick.


Bain gave a revealing interview at Fanfest

“It’s not even a word that’s discussed internally, its not something that is front of our minds, that we could be going down rather than up.

“Everybody at the football club is determined to start climbing the table, I have a belief that everybody working alongside me does care about the football club, including myself."


"We’re in October with a long way to go in the season with a squad of players who are committed. I spoke to Lee and John the other night and they’re two gentlemen with determination who don’t like being where they’re at.

Martin Bain

“It's been well documented that there’s been an awful lot of change in recent times, 15 players leaving, ten new ones coming in, completely different coaching staff. For any club that's a big transition, for this football club with some of the circumstances that we’re working with, then it maybe makes it more difficult.”


“I came into a difficult environment here myself. I met Simon and offered him the role and Simon was delighted to take the role. He came to the football club knowing what he had to handle because I’m a transparent guy. With all the managers I’ve worked with there’s no point getting someone to the football club and not telling them what the issues are. Simon’s come to a fantastic football club with a wonderful stadium, a great fanbase and a fantastic training facility and he has the determination to succeed and I have that in abundance as well.”


Bain gave a revealing interview at Fanfest

“I came down here years ago with Alex McLeish years ago to look at a player – I can’t remember who – and the Stadium of Light was absolutely bouncing.

“We went back to Scotland that night talking about the football club. I remember right from the moment we came through the front door of the stadium being impressed with the setup.

“I’ve been in the Stadium of Light when it is rocking.

“I watched on TV from the Middle East when I knew I was coming here, the night we stayed up, and I can still remember going for a walk afterwards and thinking to myself that I’d made the right decision.


“I was asked the same question by a lady at the supporters night, and I said it was easy to enjoy your job when you work with nice people. People in the North-East are similar to us Scots, a similar kind of humour, similar background."