Man secretly moved into ex-girlfriend's house with new lover - then jumped out of window when she came back

Jordan JordisonJordan Jordison
Jordan Jordison
A man who defied his ex-girlfriend's restraining order by secretly moving into her house with his new lover then jumping out of the window has been spared jail.

Newcastle Crown Court heard how Jordan Jordison's ex-girlfriend of seven years took out a one-year restraining order after he threatened to disseminate compromising photos of her when they broke up.

But while she was staying with her parents in November 2016, Jordison, 27,of Gregory Terrace, Fence Houses, secretly moved into her house, also in the village.

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Emma Dowling, prosecuting, told the court: "The defendant, knowing she was not residing in the house, moved in with his new girlfriend."

The court heard how Jordison, who was homeless at the time, jumped out of the window and ran away when his ex-girlfriend arrived so he would not speak to her and further breach the restraining order.

Ms Dowling said: "They were, in effect, dossing down in the house. The complainant believes some things went missing from the house. This was the height of cheek."

A statement from Jordison's ex-girlfriend, read out by Ms Dowling, said: "Why would he wait inside my house if not to harass me? I feel like he's taking the mickey out of me."

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Paul Rooney, defending, said: "He was aware she had moved out of her house and in with her parents.

"He was aware she wasn't in. He was homeless and had a key. When he became aware his ex-girlfriend was at the door, he didn't come down the stairs.

"Instead he jumped out of the window so he didn't have to speak to her."

Jordison pleaded guilty to breaching the restraining order, which forbade him from making direct or indirect contact with his former partner for a year.

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He was handed a six-month prison sentence suspended for two years and a new three-year restraining order.

Jordison will also have to undergo rehabilitation for 40 days.

His Honour Judge Stephen Earl, sentencing, said: "Clearly although she has gone to her father's she has the right to come back and the stuff in the house is still her's.

"This incident is not the normal sort of case when there is a breach of a restraining order.

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"Your relationship was long-lasting but it has been over for two years. You are trying to move on and you were trying to use this as a practical solution."

The new restraining order rules Jordison must not enter the same room as his former girlfriend and must not directly or indirectly make contact with her.

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