Letter of the week: 'What classic buildings does Sunderland have?'

Having been born in Sunderland I made a return visit a couple of weeks ago by National Coach.

Friday, 14th September 2018, 7:33 pm
Updated Friday, 14th September 2018, 7:42 pm
Our writer laments the demise of buildings such as Sunderland's former railway station.
Our writer laments the demise of buildings such as Sunderland's former railway station.

I was soon greeted by a notice informing me I was in Park Lane Village.

I expected a bustling shopping centre and market place.

The area looked a little forlorn and the only place open in the market was a small cafe.

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Sunderland was granted city status in 1992 and I thought, finally, we would soon see a vibrant regeneration within the centre.

Looking around I was so upset to see the Grade 2 listed Empire attached to a giant tin box!

The railway station looking exactly as it did when it was rebuilt in 1965, despite it supposedly having gone through a £10million facelift a few years ago.

What happened to the French Gothic clock that was in the pre-1965 station?

I passed through York on my way to Sunderland, and visited Newcastle and Durham.

They rightly can lay claim to city status, having some wonderful and classic buildings. What classic buildings does Sunderland have?

I understand that Labour councillors rule Sunderland, as they have done for so many years.

Last week's Letter of the week: "Charge everyone £10 to watch the Sunderland Airshow"Was their party responsible for the decision to demolish the magnificent Town Hall?

In 1970 councillors were eager to claim a £100,000 redevelopment grant and allow a hotel to be built on the site. Having made their decision the building was demolished in 10 weeks. After all this no hotel was ever built on the site.

What is happening to the Vaux brewery site? An empty wasteland since 1999!

I understand the open area around the old leisure centre (now that deserved to go) was earmarked for a Next store but they changed their mind.

The green spaces would be perfect for seating areas, trees and perhaps a fountain.

I really want to say with pride that I come from Sunderland, and I am, but oh please, please, would the labour councillors make some effort to bring some grace and beauty to the city centre.

Don’t the people of Sunderland deserve your absolute commitment to making Sunderland a vibrant and wonderful place deserving of the name city?

I read the Ford Estate Focus leaflet, and must give my congratulations to the Liberal Democratic party of Sunderland, specifically, Martin Haswell and George Smith for their efforts to making Bishopwearmouth cemetery a safe and clean place for people to visit loved ones.

Their success in stopping councillors having freebie VIP service at the Airshow, and addressing other areas of concern to local people, it’s good to know that some councillors listen to their constituents concerns and act upon them.

Mrs I M Crean