Letter of the week: Ban all dogs from Sunderland beaches

As a regular visitor to our amazing seafront (take a bow Sunderland Council) I am becoming more and more concerned at what seems to be, a rapidly increasing numbers of dogs taking their owners for a walk.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 27 April, 2018, 14:07
A man walking his dog on Sunderland sea front. There is no suggestion the walker was allowing the dog to make a mess.

You literally cannot walk five metres without some stinking dog either doing its business right in front of you or, even worse, brushing their flee riddled fur against you whilst at the same time their owners look on with some kind of fixed gormless looking grin, apparently waiting for you to look back at them with the same type of fixed gormless grin.

Just for information dog owners, I do not find it funny, nor does 99% of the people who are not walking a dog, the clue lies with the fact we are not walking a dog, believe it or not we don’t like dogs.

I really believe we need to ban all dogs from the seafront before it becomes a stinking "doggy toilet".

Let’s be brutally honest, apart from the amazing guide dogs, do dogs have any real purpose?

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Ban them all before its too late.

David Wales