Lest we forget those brave heroes

On this day in 1916, thousands of British men went '˜over the top' at the Battle of The Somme.

Friday, 1st July 2016, 2:09 pm
Updated Friday, 1st July 2016, 3:12 pm

One hundred and seven of them were from Sunderland - and they never returned.

Today, we pay tribute to the brave souls who gave their lives for King and country.

John Robert Adamson.

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William Airson.

Edward Alcock.

William Aldridge.

Andrew Anderson.

Thomas Backhouse.

John C. Barrow.

James Beaston.

Arthur Osborne Bell.

Robert Bittlestone.

John William Bresnan.

William Brewis.

Edward Allport Brown.

Stanley Brown.

John Cummings Brydott.

George Burlinson.

James William Burn.

Alfred Burns.

Edward Cain.

George Cain.

James Campbell.

Robert Cassidy.

John Chapman.

John George Corrigan.

Arthur Cowan.

Samuel Dagg.

Frederick Dickens.

Alexander Dodds.

Wallace Dorward.

George F. Downs.

John Duncan.

Albert George English.

Thomas Evans.

Wilson Ferry.

Bartholemew Foley.

Tom Gardner.

William Gatenby.

James R. Gibbon.

James Gibson.

Wilfred Goldsborough.

Francis Joseph Goodall.

Robert Victor Graham.

George Hagedorn.

Percy Hampton.

Robert Hilton.

John Hogg.

John Howe.

Richard Howe.

Edward Harper Jackson.

Frederick Jacques.

Joseph Jamieson.

Henry Johnson.

James Johnson.

George King.

George Knight.

Leonard Lamb.

James Laverick.

John George Lawson.

Robert William Lees.

William Lister.

James Martin.

Thomas Martin.

Robert McArdle.

Michael McCable.

Anthony James McGeoch.

William McPherson.

Richard McQuillan.

Dominic McShane.

Mathew Metcalf.

Adolphus Miller.

Thomas Byers Mordall.

John Newton.

John Pallace.

John Frederick Pearson.

Philip Phipps.

Harry Price.

Ernest Priest.

Charles Rathbone.

William Rathbone.

Joseph Rayhill.

Robert Newton Renton.

Thomas Richardson 24th NF (Tyneside Irish).

Thomas Richardson 27th NF (Tyneside Irish).

John Telford Robinson.

John Robson.

Robert Henry Robson.

Frederick Rooks.

Robert Wrightson.

John William Rutter.

Robert William Sanderson.

Andrew Scott.

William Scott.

William Sefton.

John Edwin Simpson.

Robert Smith.

Robert T. Stephenson.

James Todd Stewart.

Ernest Stoddart.

Stanfield Sutcliffe.

Frederick Trewhitt.

Lawrence Waters.

Herbert James Webster.

Charles Wheldon.

David Willis.

George Edward O. Wilson.

William W. Wilson.

Charles Ernest Woods.

Ernest W. Wright.

James William Young.